Aquatic Life Twist In Dual Deionization Unit

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Product Description

The Aquatic Life Twist-In Dual Deionization Filtration Unit offers an improved color changing DI resin with pivoting, triple-sealed cartridge heads that is quick and simple to replace with the carefully designed twist on/twist off action. This new replacement technology prevents contact with used filter material, assures no mess and requires absolutely no tools. This features a small footprint, mounting brackets and it includes tubing so it may attach to your existing RO Unit. This is Stage 4 of your RO Unit - Mixed Bed Color Changing Resin Deionization Cartridge - This is the final line of defence which assures that any left over Total Dissolved Solids are filtered out completely. Be sure to install cartridges post membrane filter in order to prolong the DI cartridge life. Replace when resin changes color entirely to amber. 6" x 4" x 13"