Cobalt Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow DC Prop Pump

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Product Description

Water circulation is vital to the health of any aquarium as it facilitates a number of important processes. It helps to eliminate "dead spots", distribute food and oxygen, simulate natural current conditions, and more! The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 is a powerful DC propeller pump that creates exceptional flow for a wide range of aquarium applications. This European-made pump delivers extraordinary performance and reliability, and comes backed by a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

The highly versatile Neo-Flow boasts an impressive max flow rate of 2,640 gph, and features an adjustable DC power supply that enables you to regulate output from 50 - 100% of the pump's capacity. With a simple turn of the manual dial, you can fine-tune the flow to achieve the desired intensity. This allows you to create the ideal conditions for your unique aquatic environment, while eliminating the need to purchase complex and expensive controllers.

To ensure secure placement in your aquarium, the Neo-Flow comes equipped with a specialized magnetic mount with vibration dampening technology. Designed for aquariums up to 3/4" thick, it features articulating omnidirectional ball joints to provide ultimate installation flexibility. The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 DC Prop Pump is ideal for use in freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums. 6.75" x 2.5" x 2.75"