Current E-Flux Wave Pump Kit with Wireless Control 2100 gph

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Product Description

  • Each kit includes: eFlux wave pump, Magnetic swivel bracket, 24V DC UL transformer, eFlux LED pump display, eFlux wave pump remote,Wave pump manifold
  • Wireless IR remote provides an effortless way to program up to 3 eFlux wave pumps
  • Use a magnetic bracket which is easy to install and allows you to position the pump virtually anywhere in your aquarium
  • A silicone pad absorbs vibration, allowing the pumps to run virtually silent.
  • Up to 125 gal size aquarium

Corals thrive on the motion found in the ocean and their beauty is one reason you likely have a reef tank. eFlux wave pumps mimic the currents found on natural reefs, creating tank wide circulation that:

  • Helps prevents “dead zones” around your corals
  • Keeps your aquarium cleaner by dislodging detritus
  • Keeps corals active and healthy
  • Keeps fish active, preventing fatty build-up

How to clean and maintain eFlux Wave Pumps from Current on Vimeo.