Pura Amazon Media

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Product Description

In the rainforest millions of gallons of rainwater run over the forest floor before draining into the great tropical rivers. Along the way thousands of organic compounds leach from the abundant floor litter and fill the tropical fish habitats with a rich assortment of health promoting natural protective substances. PURA Amazon easily duplicates this slow but constant leaching process right in the aquarium. The result is a rich golden colored water filled with natural organic compounds that sooth, revitalize, stimulate and protect the health of both tropical fish and plants.

Releases enzymes that stimulate and promote root development in aquarium plants and cutin monomers that boost plants' immune response. With stronger roots, plants grow better and assimilate nutrients more efficiently.
A true organic filter media with a stable granular structure and a large surface area.
Colonizes quickly with beneficial filtering bacteria and microorganisms.
High lignin content makes this media resistant to both aerobic and anaerobic degradation; a low acid content makes it easy to maintain a steady pH and hardness.
Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.
PÛRA Amazon is a 100% natural forest product that produces "black-water" - a rich assortment of health promoting natural protective substances and slowly but constantly leaches them right into the aquarium.