Pura Filtration Pad

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Product Description

Full spectrum chemical filtration pad loaded with three powerful medias for total filtration in reef, planted, fresh & saltwater aquariums.

An exceptionally capable mechanical filter powered by complex 3-D structure of virgin fibers and high porosity granulated medias.


  • Maintains extremely low to non-measurable levels of phosphate and silicates thus greatly reducing propagation of algae.
  • Removes copper, arsenic, zinc and other heavy metals.
  • Fast removal of organics, metabolic wastes and residual medications.
  • Extremely low impact on trace elements and desirable fertilizers like potassium.
  • Outstanding mechanical filtration ability performs ultra fine water polishing.

PURA Filtration Pad combines activities of pads such as Poly Filter, phosphate pads, ammonia pads, carbon, zeo-sorbent and filter floss into a single convenient and extremely well performing product.