Pura Poly Tech Super Filter Pro Pad 6" x 12"

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Product Description

Poly-Tech Super Filter is an innovative filtration pad utilizing polymeric media, ferric-oxide-hydroxide, and ionic exchangers in an open fiber matrix to remove a very broad range of chemical waste and pollutants.

Filters can be easily regenerated up to 6 times using a simple table-salt solution!


  • Remove major toxins including ammonia, organics, nitrates, heavy metals, medications and dyes as well as phosphates.
  • Designed with extremely low impact on trace elements.

The Poly-Tech Super Filter Professional pad is 6 inch by 12 inches and is intended for use in saltwater and advanced freshwater aquariums. This pad can be trimmed to fit any small, medium, or large power filter, as well as any canister and wet/dry filter.

The Poly-Tech Super Filter Professional contains twice as much active ingredients as the standard Poly-Tech Super Filter.