Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac

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Product Description

  • Maintaining a healthy, happy aquarium doesn't have to be labor intensive with Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac the job just became easier.
  • The Ultimate GravelVac attaches directly to most faucets and the 25' & 50' hose allows water to drain directly into the sink and refill is a breeze.
  • Attach it directly to most faucets. Use the faucet adapter if necessary.
  • Drain the dirty water right into the sink and refill the aquarium with ease.
  • No more need for heavy, messy, unwieldy buckets!
  • Water changes refresh your aquarium with precious nutrients and remove excess debris/fish waste, uneaten food and decomposed plant matter.
  • Twenty-five percent water changes should be performed at least once a month in order to maintain a healthy aquatic environment