About us

How Ken Became Kens Fish

Ken Menard, the owner and founder of KensFish.com, is a Massachusetts success story. We’re not just telling you a fish story here.

His experience as the former Director of Outbound Shipping for Sysco Foods serves him well. Kens Fish delivers quality food so fast that freshness is retained. While at Sysco, Ken efficiently and safely managed shipping operations for frozen food products and dry goods. That was his day job.

At night, Ken was all about his fish - guppies in particular. On weekends, he and his wife, Barbara, travelled to fish shows to sell stock from his 120 tanks, mingle with other breeders, and buy fish supplies. Ken recalls, “We could never find fish food in bulk. If we did, the quantities weren’t big enough and the shipping quality was poor. So, I saw an opportunity.”

About the Fish Food King

Ken's Fish was founded in 2002 in Taunton, MA. From his warehouse, he strives to provide fellow hobbyists and businesses with the best in high quality aquarium supplies at the lowest prices and to ship those items within 24 hours. KensFish.com wants to be the sole supplier for all your aquarium needs by providing exceptional customer service.

Ken and Barbara really enjoy listening to their customers. When they first started, bulk food used to be sold in one pound bags, but because of customer feedback and reviews, Ken began to supply half pound bags. His relationship with customers and the company’s exponential growth has earned Ken the name, “Fish Food King” from fellow breeders, pet shop owners, and aquarium managers.

“We produce large quantities of brand name and private label food to keep up with the high demand shipped daily. But you’ll find more than food here. Check out our filters, pond supplies, and reptile supplies, too! We’ve even started a fish food blog to answer your most commonly asked questions and to help fish and reptile newbies to get started.”
One of Ken’s and Barbara’s favorite reptile customers is 8 year-old grand-daughter, Rylie. She’s not into fish, but she does own, Brooklyn, a box turtle. Winking, Ken says, “When Brooklyn needs food, he sends Rylie over to Grandpa

Ken’s warehouse.”