API Filstar Progressive Filtration Micron Pads 2 Pack

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Product Description

API Filstar XP Super Micro Filtration Pads are designed to mechanically filter aquarium water with ease. The pads gradually grow in thickness to remove even the smallest particles before the water is returned to the aquarium. Because of the density of the filter pads, they are also capable of removing dirt and debris up to 2 times more effectively than conventional cotton pads. Micro Filtration pads are particularly effective after routine aquarium maintenance, when debris and sediment from the bottom of the tank is stirred up.

API Filstar XP Super Micro Filtration Pads are designed for use with Filstar XP Aquarium Filters. Pads are used in the lowest level of the filter where stage 1 mechanical filtration takes place. Installation of new pads is easy and the custom-fit design ensures minimal bypass for more complete water filtration. Filstar XP Super Micro Filtration pads are sold in convenient 2 packs for a better value.