AquaEl Platinum Aquarium Heater 100 watt

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Product Description

The AquaEl 100W Platinum Aquarium Heater is an innovative glass heater. It's equipped with a high-precision electronic thermostat. Temperatures can be set in the range between 68 and 94°F and are maintained with an accuracy of 0.8 °C (+/-0.4 °C).

The heater boasts the one touch system for intuitive temperature adjustment, a ceramic heat sink, and an embedded electronic thermometer. Since the thermostat is fully electronically controlled, these heaters, unlike other commercially available products, do not have any mechanical contacts or other wear-prone moveable parts.

  • 100 Watts
  • 9.7 inches long
  • For tanks from 16 to 26 gallons
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater use
  • Suction cups included
  • Temperature range 68 to 94 F. Solid state thermostat.
  • Each heater undergoes computer-assisted testing and calibration to ensure precision and safety