Aqueon Pro V2 Aquarium Heater 150 watt

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Product Description

Keep your fish happy and healthy with the ideal water temperature with the adjustable and accurate Aqueon Pro Aquarium Heater. Whether your tropical community fish tank is freshwater or saltwater, you can quickly and easily make sure that the aquatic climate is the right one for your finned friends, thanks to the convenient and precise temperature dial of this submersible heater, and you can rest easy knowing that the shatter-proof construction will keep your fish safe and sound. With a wide range of available wattages, finding the right heater for your aquarium is a snap, and it comes with an always-on LED indicator light, as well as an automatic safety shut-off feature to help keep your fish swimming happily along.

  • Designed to deliver consistent heat, and built to last.
  • Each unit features adjustable heat settings and is equipped with an electronic thermostat that evenly distributes heat
  • Ultra-durable thermal plastic housing
  • Advanced gravity shut off feature; unit turns off when top of heater tilts below bottom of heater
  • Fully submersible; includes suction cups for easy installation and placement
  • LED illuminates when actively heating
  • For freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 55 gallons