ATI Filter Max #1 Pre Filter

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Product Description

This is great for any tank with a power filter. These go over the intake to stop the fry from being sucked up. This also maintains your biological filtration when the main filter is being changed. Can also be used with canister filters and power heads. Come in three sizes. For aquariums up to 20 gallons.

Pre-filters are essential to prevent large particle waste, small fish, baby fish, invertebrates, plant leaves and other undesirables from getting inside and clogging the main filtration system. Pre-filters save on the wear and tear of your main filter. Most pre-filter sponges are flimsy and will either be constantly falling off, clogging or fall apart quickly.

Filter-Max uses a high grade sponge and solid construction that fits securely onto the filter intake tube. It also serves as a biological back up system if the main filter needs to be shut down, and can be used with most powerheads to cycle a new aquarium immediately when transferred from an established aquarium. The Filter-Max has better aesthetic value than many other pre-filters. It appears slim-line and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb!