ATI Hydro Sponge Pro Filter #3 Boxed

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Product Description

The all new pro series has reticulated sponge for higher flow rates when using a power head without clogging. Great for breeders and hatcheries and heavily saturated tanks. The ATI sponge filters are excellent biological as well mechanical filters that only need a source of air to operate. They are excellent for fry tanks because they won't suck up your babies! For aquariums up to 40 gallons. Sponge size 4 x 3.75 Inches

Boxed Hydro Sponge Filters come in the full retail packaging box as seen in the picture.

The Hydro-Sponge Pro series is a sponge filter workhorse. The “reticulated foam” is heavy duty, extremely porous and stiffer than our standard sponges, which allows even greater bacteria colonization and mechanical filtration using higher flow rates without clogging. This is serious filtration. These units have the same quality design and function as the standard Hydro-Sponge, but have the heavier constructed foam.

The two key factors that differentiate this product is the reticulated foam sponge and its ability to withstand higher flow rates without damage to the foam.