Brightwell Aquatics Florin Axis

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Product Description

Bioavailable Carbon Source and Krebs Cycle Stimulator for all Planted Aquaria


  • A concentrated source of bioavailable carbon, Krebs cycle intermediates, humic & amino
    acids, and naturally-occurring phytohormones.
  • Primary or supplementary source of carbon (compatible with CO2 supplementation).
  • Provides key components of the Krebs cycle, the series of biochemical reactions that are
    ultimately responsible for converting complex organic molecules into energy in all aerobic
    organisms; benefits are more efficient metabolism of foods and available nutrients for
    fishes and plants alike, as well as enhanced decomposition of latent organic material
  • Provides naturally-derived sources of humic substances, which aid plants in the uptake
    of important nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc., and can even increase the
    availability of these substances in the aquarium environment.
  • Formulated utilizing research on aquatic plant nutrient requirements & Molecular Biology.
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