Cascade Hang-On Canister Filter

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Product Description

Cascade presents the Canister Hang-On Canister Filter! This filter provides the power and efficiency of a canister filter, with a sleek and convenient hang-on-the-back design. It can either stand alone or be hung behind an aquarium. It is great for smaller fish tanks up to 25 gallons, and boasts a water output of 108 Gallons per Hour (GPH). This innovative product combines the strengths of Canister and Hang-On Filters, with no drawbacks! It's less cumbersome than a canister, but more advanced than a hang-on. This filter is safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and is also great for turtle tanks! Includes Hang-On Filter, Aerating Spray Bar, 3 Poly Fiber and Activated Carbon Cartridges, Bio Balls, Coarse Sponge, 2' Input and Output Extension Tubes, Input and Output Tubes, Hang-on Filter Bracket, and L-Shaped Bracket Connector.