Continuum Aquatics Bassis African Cichlid Salts

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Product Description

The Continuum advantage.

Basis African Cichlid Salts is a high quality, multi-component blended true hardness system, designed to add major, minor and trace minerals in proper ratios for rift lake fishes. It also works well for other freshwater fishes originating in hardwater environments. Basis African Cichlid Salts is not table salt, but a specially formulated blend of critical major minerals, together with minor and trace minerals, including iodine that are necessary for the health and spawning of rift lake cichlids. It also has special ingredients that lessen aggression!

Use in aquarium keeping.

First adjust the total hardness (dGH) of your rift lake aquarium with this product. It will not increase the pH or alkalinity (i.e. KH or carbonate hardness) of the aquarium, so it is necessary to add Basis African Cichlid Buffer after properly adjusting total hardness (dGH) using this product. For maximum results, use Continuum Cichlid Elements•T periodically, and after every water change, to replenish trace and minor minerals used up by natural aquatic processes, filtration and inhabitants.

Directions and protocol.

Dissolve 5-20 grams, about 1-4 teaspoons of product in 8 oz. ( 236 ml ) purified water for each 10 gallons (38 L) aquarium capacity, and add per day until the desired ppm or dGH are reached. When setting up a new aquarium, add as necessary to reach the desired dGH or ppm. For water changes, adjust prior to addition to the aquarium. For best results, use water purified by Reverse Osmosis or Deionization. Dechlorinated tap water can also be used, but this will negatively affect the final result no matter what brand of cichlid salts are used.

Recommended values:

For Lake Tanganyika conditions adjust the water to between 350 and 400 ppm general hardness (12 to 14 German degrees of total hardness, Gesamtehaerte or dGH). For Lake Malawi conditions adjust the water to about 200 ppm general hardness (7 dGH). For Lake Victoria conditions, adjust the water to about 150 ppm general hardness (5 dGH). Once recommended hardness is achieved, adjust the carbonate hardness or alkalinity (KH) using Basis African Cichlid Buffer according to the directions on that product.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Contains mineral salts, if ingested drink plenty of water, consult your medical practitioner. If in eyes flush with water for 15 minutes, if redness continues, consult your medical practitioner. If on skin flush with water.