Zilla Deluxe Bearded Dragon Kit 20 Gallon

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Product Description

Keeping a docile, inquisitive bearded dragon is an ideal way to begin a reptile hobby, and the Deluxe Kit gets a new pet started on a long, fascinating life. It's all here: a glass terrarium for plenty of running room and three reflective dome light fixtures and bulbs that provide healthy amounts of both heat and light.

  • All-in-one starter kit has everything needed to begin caring for a bearded dragon
  • The proper light and heat is also included inside the kit
  • Glass tank is Made in the USA
  • Bearded Dragon habitat kit includes:
    • 3 Reflective Domes for heat, light and UVB
    • Day Blue and Black Night Heat Incandescent Bulbs
    • 20 Watt UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb
    • Screen Cover
    • Humidity/Temperature Gauges (two with 40 Breeder)
    • Lizard Lagoon Stone Bowl
    • Bearded Dragon Food
    • Reptile Bedding & Litter
    • Setup Guide
  • Dimensions:
    30.25" x 12.5" x 12.75"