Ken's Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs

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Product Description

Non hatching decapsulated eggs are fed directly, without the necessity and downtime of hatching. Decapsulated eggs have a higher energy and nutritional value than a live brine shrimp nauplii. Since these eggs are non-hatching, no energy is consumed in the hatching process and lipids, amino acids, and enzymes are left intact. Simply rehydrate the decapsulated brine shrimp eggs for a few minutes in fresh water and feed directly to your baby fish or reef tank. (A little bit of these goes a long way).

The 2 oz size comes in a jar. All other sizes come in a FDA approved resealable poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh. When you buy the 8 oz. size you will receive two bags with 4 oz. of food in each. When you buy the 1 lb. size you will receive 4 bags with 4 oz. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale.