Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food Chlorella XXLarge Granule 170 gram

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Product Description

DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD CHLORELLA comprises not only all natural components required for well-balanced feeding, but also the valuable Chlorella freshwater algae. This algae abounds in carotinoids (e.g. lutein, astaxanthin), antioxidants (e.g. beta-carotin), essential unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. omega-3), vitamins and trace elements (iron, selenium, iodine, folic acid, calcium). Chlorophyll as well as valuable nucleic acids foster the regeneration process. DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD CHLORELLA is thus easily digestible, thereby representing almost no stress to the aquarium water.
DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD CHLORELLA is offered in the different granulate sizes M, L, XL and XXL. The granulates in smaller pellet size M sink slowly, thus providing nutrients to all three water zones. This gives surface feeders, fish in the middle zone as well as bottom feeders alike a fresh and balanced diet.
Complete food for ornamental fish, reg. no. PET6237
Fish and fish derivatives, crustaceans, cereals, deritatives of vegetable origin, yeast, minerals, algae (Chlorella, 5 %)
Additives: Dietary physiological additives per kg: Vitamin A 15,000 IU, vitamin D3 800 IU, vitamin E 300 mg, vitamin C 200 mg | Trace elements per kg: Zinc oxide 75 mg, Manganese oxide 12 mg, Coppersulfate pentahydrate 4.1 mg, Iodate calcium 1.8 mg | Antioxidants | Zootechnical additives per kg: Probiotic Pediococcus acidilactici 2,000 CFU/mg
Ingredients: Crude protein 47 %, crude oils and fats 18 %, crude ash 10 %, crude fiber 4 %
Guaranteed free of artificial colors

Pellet Size XXL
2.8 – 3.2 mm
for fish > 15 cm
0.11 – 0.13 in
for fish > 5.9 in