Eheim Feeding Station

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Product Description

Feeding your fish is generally one of the easier maintenance tasks for hobbyists. Simply add food, watch it disperse amongst your aquarium, and your fishy friends go crazy. However, a lot of times food disperses quickly to all areas of the set up, where fish may or may not be. When food goes unnoticed it can disappear into your decorations and filter, where it will decay and contaminate your water. As a result, feeding time can often turn clean up time into a more lengthy and demanding task.

The Eheim feedingSTATION is the perfect device to help you control food delivery within your aquarium. The chamber of the feedingSTATION distributes food underwater, directly to your fish. Providing food straight to your aquatic inhabitants ensures that more food will get eaten, meaning your water will stay cleaner, for longer. Also, having all of your fish eating in one area of your aquarium allows you to observe and monitor their eating habits, while keeping an eye out for injury or illness!

The Ehiem feedingSTATION features built-in clamps, making it a universal addition that fits all frames, glass stays, bars, and more! Its versatile design allows you to feed by hand, with automatic feeders, in freshwater, or in saltwater. The chamber is also a fantastic place for defrosting frozen food! 3.7" x 2.6" x 4.7"