Eheim Rubber Seals Pro 3 pack

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Product Description

These Eheim Rubber Seals are specifically designed for use in your Eheim filter trays. Replacing your Eheim seals is a great idea if the seals on your existing filter tray become damaged or loose, as this can help prevent water loss and flooding between the trays. They're designed to easily seal in-between the plastic media trays, which allows for proper water return to the aquarium without disturbing filter materials. Always keep a set on hand to ensure that you can replace the seals for tight, maximum filtration as needed. Eheim has designed these seals prevent leaks with an air-tight seal in-between the main motor head and the filter body. Eheim Rubber Seals work on Eheim models 2222-2228, 2322-2328, 2026, 2028, 2126 and 2128. Eheim supplies these seals in a convenient, economical three pack option.