Fluker Freeze Dried River Shrimp 1 oz.

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Product Description

Shrimp are a natural prey for many different fish, aquatic amphibians and reptiles because they provide a high source of protein and essential amino acids. Because live freshwater shrimp are difficult to maintain in captivity and can be expensive, most pet owners do not provide these nutritionally valuable prey items for their pets. Fluker's realizes the importance of diversifying your pet amphibians or reptiles diet to increase the overall nutritional value being provided to your pet and has produced freeze-dried river shrimp diet. Fluker's freeze-dried river shrimp can be used in combination with other freeze-dried products to provide your pet with natural prey items without the mess and expense of live prey items. 


  • Crude Protein (not less than)    55.8%
  • Crude Fat (not less than)             4%
  • Crude Fiber (not more than)      6.5%
  • Moisture (not more than)           12%