Fluker Red Spotlight Basking Bulb

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Product Description

Infrared heat lamp for heating terrariums and nocturnal viewing.
Fluker's incandescent light bulbs provide the radiant heat (infrared lgiht) that reptiles need. Reptiles are ectothermic  and depend on their environmental temperature to regulate their core body temperature. If a reptile is not provided an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it may be predisposed to chronic infections. Because ETR's vary from species to species, ask your pet professional to review available literature for guidance in determining the appropriate ETR for your pet.

Multiple incandescent lights may be required to establish an appropriate ETR. A Fluker's thermometer can be used to monitor temperature within the reptile's environment. Reptile behavior is directly tied to photoperiod (light cycle), so it is important to provide appropriate intervals of light and dark. Fluker's recommends a 12-hour day/12-hour night light cycle. Flukder's blue light is perfect fo the day light cycle


Gently fasten the Fluker's bulb into a Fluker's Clamp Lamp or Hood or any UL approved incandescent fixture. Do not plug light fixture into an electrical socket until bulb is fastened firmly to fixture. Place light fisture outside of Reptile's enclosure. NEVER place the light fixture inside the enclosure. Reptiles can develop life-threatening thermal burns form contact with an exposed light bulb.