Fluval Prism Multi-Color Underwater Spotlight LED

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Product Description

Able to mount anywhere under glass, the 2nd generation Prism spotlight LED adds more powerful mood lighting to your aquarium for a fun or dramtic effect.

Powerful 6.5W light beam has twice the output of the previous generation and is capable of projecting up to 6 ft (1.8 M)
Choose from up to 80 colors with brightness control
Special effects (sunset, storm, heavy storm and full color cycle)
Operated via remote controll (included)
Small, discreet size is 35% smaller than before
Now offered in black for better concealment
IP68 waterproof rated - designed for submersed use only. DO NOT operate outside water.
Fully adjustable - rotate up/down and side-to-side
Easy mount suction cup is easily repositionable