Fritz Nitrate Test Kit

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Product Description

Nitrate is considered the non-toxic end product of the ammonia cycle. While not directly a problem for fish at low levels, excess nitrates can cause stress and other water quality issues. Nitrate is continually produced as fish respire and released waste products move through the ammonia cycle, and can accumulate rapidly if not properly maintained. The nitrate level should be monitored regularly and routine maintenance is needed to keep concentrations low for a healthy aquarium. High levels of nitrate can also contribute to undesirable algae growth.

The nitrate level in an established tank will always be above 0 ppm. 
Acceptable level of nitrate in most freshwater aquariums: 20-40 ppm nitrate
Acceptable level of nitrate in most saltwater aquariums: below 20 ppm nitrate


To remove childproof safety cap, push down while turning.

  1. Fill a clean test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube).
  2. Add 10 drops from Nitrate Test Solution Bottle #1, holding dropper bottle upside down in a completely vertical position to ensure uniformity of drops added to the water sample.
  3. Cap the test tube and gently shake several times to mix solution. Attention! Always use the cap. Avoid skin contact as this may affect the test results.
  4. Vigorously shake the Nitrate Test Solution Bottle #2 for at least 30 seconds. This step is extremely important to ensure accuracy of test results.
  5. Add 10 drops from Nitrate Test Solution Bottle #2, holding dropper bottle upside down in a completely vertical position to ensure uniformity of drops to the water sample.
  6. Cap the test tube and shake for one minute. This step is extremely important to ensure accuracy of test results.
  7. Wait five minutes for the color to develop.
  8. Read the test results by matching the color of the solution against those on the Nitrate Test Color Chart.