Hari Active Play 4 Way Perch Swing & Toy

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Product Description

Parrots spend most of their lives standing on their feet. Perch variety is crucial to your bird’s overall health. Perches that move, like swings, help to keep leg, feet, and toe joints strong and flexible; and can help to encourage wing flapping behavior, which supports cardiovascular health. Beyond standing, your bird will use a perch as an accessory for playing games and as a grooming aid. The HARI ACTIVE.PLAY 4-Way Perch Swing & Toy promotes exercise, agility and balance and will help keep your bird in top condition.  

Key Features :

  • Suitable for medium-sized parrots
  • High quality sturdy and durable PVC
  • Permanent non-slip grooming surfaces keeps birds safe and nails trimmed
  • Colorful pinewood, corn husk, and leather foraging toy for enrichment
  • With extra toy hook for added fun
  • Includes q-link and chain