Hari Charcoal 8.11 oz.

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Product Description

Keep HARI's coconut derived activated charcoal available to help aid in digestion or to help eliminate toxins. Safe for pet birds, it is especially beneficial for budgies, canaries, finches and other small birds. If heavy metal poisoning, medication overdose, or any toxin ingestion is suspected, activated charcoal can absorb the toxins and help them to be eliminated quickly.

Charcoal is not something that companion birds will eat on a regular basis. Charcoal should be offered inside of the cage in small quantities. It's an excellent digestive aid. Birds will only consume when and if needed. If there is an over-consumption, remove and speak with your avian vet as this could be an indication of a health issue.

Key Features :

  • Provides an excellent aid to proper digestion for all pet birds
  • Helps maintain a balanced pH
  • Neutralizes acids and fights gastric hyper-acidity
  • Great to have on hand for emergencies
  • For all pet birds
  • Size : 230 g (8.11 oz)