Higgins Sunburst Break-A-Bale Orchard Grass

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Product Description

For All Small Animals

Higgins Sunburst Break-A-Bale® Hays are natural, healthy and essential sources of fiber and roughage for your companion rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other small animal. Our Western Canadian grasses and hays are sun-dried, sorted and free of pesticides and preservatives. Our premium Orchard Grass is high in fiber and low in fat and protein. Sunburst Break-A-Bale® compressed hays encourage foraging, which promotes better dental health and overall well-being.

Sunburst Break-A-Bale® Compressed Hays:

  • Conveniently pre-cut into 4 portions for easy feeding and foraging
  • Less dust and mess than loose hays
  • Expands up to 8 times its compressed size!
  • Up to 50% less space than loose packaged hays
  • Natural with no additives like pesticides or preservatives

Ingredients: Sun-Dried Orchard Grass

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein – Min. 7.0%
Crude Fat – Min. 1.5%
Crude Fiber – Max. 32.0%
Moisture – Max. 15.0%

Feeding Guidelines:

Cut along the dotted line (start with #1 on the side of the package with the numbered bales) with a knife, scissor or sharp object. Gently pull on the cut hay bale until it separates. Remove the plastic packaging from the separated bale and discard. Arrange the hay in your pet’s cleaned cage. Store the remaining hay in a cool, dry place and repeat with the next numbered bale when you pet is ready for its next feeding. Always ensure that your pet has fresh, clean water. Always check with your veterinarian for your pet’s specific dietary needs.