Hikari Bio-Bandage Lite

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Product Description

A unique blend of ingredients to help enhance bath treatments, speed wound healing, and help reduce fish loss during transportation.

Improve Medication Efficiency

  • Improves medication adhesion at wounded areas
  • Vitamin component speeds healing
  • Can reduce treatment times & improve efficiency
  • Helps detoxify heavy metals (unchelated)
  • Highly effective when used with dye-type or antibacterial treatments


BATH: Use Bio-Bandage Lite to improve efficiency during treatment regimens and reduce losses of fish, invertebrates and amphibians during transportation. The proprietary blend of carefully selected polymers and vitamins offer a salt-free formulation that duplicates 98% of natural fish skin slime. Be sure to use in conjunction with ClorAm-X or Ultimate to remove chloramine, chlorine and ammonia which can be toxic to fish. Use 1 teaspoon (~5 mL) per 20 gallons (75L) with each addition of new water. Dosage can be increased as needed but expect clouding of the water.