Hikari Pac Attack 1.41 oz

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Product Description

A sponge-like stick developed to soften rapidly when soaked in water to take on the consistency of a live food most "Pacman" frogs desire.

Rapidly Softening Sticks

  • A uniquely balanced formula South American Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys) love
  • The pellet has a texture of live foods once dipped in water
  • No mixing required
  • No-Touch feeding and easy to use
  • Formulated to eliminate hand and home odor


Prior to feeding, dip each pellet in pure water for about 2 seconds. Hold in feeding forceps and move from side to side just under frogs mouth. To make a mega-pellet, add 20 drops of water (using eye dropper) per pellet, let sticks full absorb water for about 20-30 seconds and compress multiple sticks in to one super-sized ball no larger than 40% of your frog's diameter. Feed as noted below.

Body Length Feeding Intervals Feeding Amount
3cm to 5cm (1" to 2") Every 3 Days 1/2 to 1 Pellet
5cm to 10cm (2" to 4") Every Week 3 to 5 Pellets
Over 10cm (4") Every 2 Weeks 5 to 12 Pellets

Do not feed on consecutive days as the digestive system of Ceratophrys require interval feeding for proper assimilation.

Soaking the pellets for more than a few seconds will not allow them to remain intact for efficient feeding. Even if the pellet is not fully softened, digestion is not negatively impacted.