Ista CO2 External Reactor

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Product Description

Designed by Ista, this External CO2 Reactor is ideal to utilize in aquarium setups where carbon dioxide is supplemented. Reactors use agitation to thoroughly mix aquarium water with the CO2 that you are adding, to ensure the gas is evenly distributed.

The reliable, sturdy design works externally, optimizing space within your aquarium. Simply install it on the return line of your canister filter and you are all set! Dissolving CO2 before it enters your aquarium means your plants will get a more efficient, effective supply, so get dissolving now!

Please Note: This reactor accepts 1/2" tubing. 2" dia. x 9" H

  • Ideal for aquariums where CO2 is supplemented
  • Uses agitation to mix aquarium water with CO2
  • Dissolves CO2 before it enters your aquarium
  • Installs externally to optimize space in aquariums
  • Integrates with the return line of a canister filter