Ken's High Protein Fry Green Granule .2 mm

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Product Description

Ken’s High Protein Fry Green Granule is a new generation starter feed produced with a sophisticated technological process based on low temperature/shear micro extrusion. This technology is a more gentle process allowing maximal nutrient retention and minimizing protein de-naturation. The high quality raw materials are mixed and pulverised before they undergo a micro-extrusion process at a low temperature and pressure. The production process, coupled with the raw material selection results in a feed easier to digest and softer than a traditional crumble or mini pellet. The improved digestive and metabolisable properties create better growth and lower FCR. Meanwhile the micro cutting results in more uniform particles and reduced dust. Special attention has been placed on achieving a slow sinking speed and increasing the diet stability without compromising attractability.

Ken’s High Protein Fry Green Granule is formulated with a unique proprietary blend of algae giving each pellet a striking green color. The algae work in a matrix to ensure feed stability, aid digestion and act as a natural probiotic for the fry. Boosted with essential oils, designed to improve digestional health and performance, stabilize microbial environment and increases immune response and anti-oxidative capacities.

Ken’s High Protein Fry Green Granule has been designed to give juveniles the best start by assuring fast and efficient growth and low feed conversion under pre-growing conditions. Contains an increased level of multi marine proteins and improved attractability, protein/energy ration for fast-track growth and improved pre-growing economics.

INGREDIENTS: Fish meals, Fish oil, Crustacean meals, Algae, Corn starch, Wheat gluten, Lecithin, Yeast, Vitamins, Minerals.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein 62.0% MIN., Lipids 14.0%MIN., Fiber .5%, Ash 9.0% MAX.