Ken's Premium Catappa Leaves Small 25 Count

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The Catappa leaves reduce pH and provide natural tannins that mimic natural waters found in the wild. The substance that is released from the leave is excellent for fish such as South American Cichlids, Killifish, Gouramis, Bettas, Catfish, Tetras, and Barbs. Ornamental shrimp can also benefit from the use of the leaves in there tank. The small leaves are 6-9 cm and usually 2-3 leaves will to treat 10 gallons of water. Leaves are for ornamental fish use only.


Rinse leaves in fresh water then let them soak for 2-3 days to get waterlogged. Once waterlogged they can be put directly into the aquarium or into a media bag and placed into your filter. We recommend removing any carbon or synthetic or chemical filter media from the filter. These types of filter media will remove some of the natural benefits of the leaves.