Ken's Ultimate Shrimp, Catfish & Pleco Pellets

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Product Description

This ultimate pellet is excellent for shrimp, catfish & plecos. This broodstock diet is excellent for use on small fish or for conditioning adults. The added astaxanthin adds excellent color to your fish as well.

Ingredients: Squid Meal, Krill Meal, Wheat Gluten, Algae, Fish Oil, Lechithin, Astaxanthin, As Well As Other Added Vitamins And Minerals.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 59.0% Min., Lipids 11.0%, Vitamin A 20000, Vitamin D3 2500, Vitamin C 1000, Vitamin E 600

The 1/4 lb size comes in a jar. All other sizes come in a FDA approved resealable poly nylon bags that keep you food fresh. When you buy the 1 lb. size you will receive two bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. When you buy the 2 lb. size you will receive 4 bags with 1/2 lb. of food in each. This allows you to open them up as you need them instead of one big bag that will go stale.