Koralia 3rd Generation Circulation Pump 2450 GPH

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Product Description

Koralia 3G Third Generation Circulation and Wave Pump - 2450 gph

The Hydor Koralia 3G provides ample flow in an incredibly compact form factor by utilizing the new DMSS (Dual Magnet Support System). Ideal for marine and freshwater tanks, these pumps simulate natural currents within your aquarium system. With a more compact design, it is much easier to conceal within your carefully planned habitat.

The 3G series pumps include several innovations including the new magnetic mount design. Allowing the adaptable positioning of the wet-side propeller pump, you can precisely control the water flow, to where you need it most. Along with the updated motor design, new impeller profile, and new spiraled intake guards, the 3G is an incredibly energy efficient pump!

Consuming a mere 9.5 watts, the Hydor Koralia 3G 2450gph is extremely energy-efficient and is suitable for use in freshwater aquariums from 125 - 250 gallons in size, and saltwater setups from 75 - 150 gallons. Suitable for aquariums up to 0.6" thick, the magnets on these pumps are user-friendly, providing the ability for the pump to be positioned feely inside your aquarium.

These fully controllable pumps can be connected to a timer such as the Hydor Smartwave pump controller (sold separately), and include 3 different styles of guards with each. The Small Fish Guard serves as protection of smaller fish and shrimp, the Medium Fish Guard protects small to medium fish and shrimp, and the Flow Diffuser attachment provides a wider and gentler flow. It is important to note that the flow rate may vary according to the attachment utilized.

Flow Rate by Attachment:

  • Small Fish Guard - 1600 gph
  • Medium Fish Guard - 1850 gph
  • Diffuser - 1750
  • 3.75" dia. x 4"