Kordon Fish Protector

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Product Description

  • Heals Missing Scales & Bruises
  • Adds Multi-Layer Slime Coat
  • Helps Minimize Infections
  • Calms Fishes, Eases Stress
  • Removes Toxic Heavy Metals from the Water
  • Important Health Aid in Shipping
  • Made in USA
Fish•Protector is a professional quality water treatment that calms fishes, reduces losses, eases stress, minimizes infection and aids healing - thereby helping to protect fishes during handling, illness and transportation. Fish•Protector detoxifies the free ions of the heavy metals present in public water supplies,such as zinc, iron, lead, copper, and arsenic, which can be lethal to fishes and invertebrates.
Fish•Protector forms a multi-layered protective slime coating on fishes' skin, protecting fishes during handling and minimizing infection. The coating works as an effective healing aid for fishes with bruises, missing scales, or frayed fins. The protective slime coating is formed by special polymer colloids, and does not involve irritating the fish’s surface by the use of salt. Fish•Protector's polymer colloids beneficially absorb medicinal dyes, e.g., methylene blue and malachite green, as well as antibiotics, e.g., oxytetracycline and nitrofurazone Fish•Protector acts as a carrier for such medications and can be used as an aid in applying them to the fish’s skin. Fish•Protector combines skin slime replacers, that are more concentrated and faster working than that used in Kordon’s NovAqua Plus, with the addition of vitamin B12 and increased Echinacea, all of which aids in the normal healing process of injured fishes.

Directions for Use

Shake well before using. Add 1 teaspoon or capful of Fish Protector per 10 gallons of water, or 1 fl. oz. per 60 gallons, or 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) per 480 gallons. Dosage can be increased or repeated without adverse effects. Add to shipping water to prevent damage due to shock and skin abrasion. Fish•Protector does not interfere with fishes’ gills or breathing, or with the measurements of water quality test kits.
If water is suspected of containing chloramines (a chemical complex of Chlorine and Ammonia) in any form, add Kordon’s AmQuel Plus. AmQuel Plus is a single-step, fast acting remover of chloramines and chlorine.
To fully condition tap water, to buffer pH, and to add electrolytes, also add Kordon’s NovAqua Plus to the water. Fish•Protector, NovAqua Plus, and AmQuel Plus and all of Kordon's treatments for aquatic use are fully compatible and equally effective in fresh and salt water.
Also, Fish Protector is compatible with the Kordon water clarifiers (Trans Clear, Sea Clear), the nitrifying and sludge bacteria additives and all Kordon medications.