Kordon Rapid Cure .75 oz.

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Product Description

Kordon Rapid Cure is a fast acting, pharmaceutical grade formula designed to safely relieve symptoms of Ich and a variety of other protozoan parasites that can seriously harm your fish. In just 48 hours, the solution helps to relieve symptoms such as surface itching and fin rot, as well as treat the underlying infection. The 0.75 oz bottle of Rapid Cure treats up to 400 gallons of water and is suitable for use in ponds, and freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Shake well before using this product. Raise the internal temperature of your aquarium to between 82° - 84° Fahrenheit. Remove carbon from filters and remove any invertebrates, live rock, shrimp, snails or scaleless fish. Do not use in reef tanks with live coral or anemones. This formula may stain sealant and aquarium decorations. Treated water will turn blue temporarily and return to normal in a few days.

Add 1 drop of Rapid Cure for each gallon of aquarium water daily for all fish except those in the Tetra family, and add 1 drop to every 2 gallons of water daily for Tetras.

Add 1 drop of Rapid Cure to for every 1 gallon of aquarium water daily in a bare aquarium.

Maximum dose is 3 DAILY TREATMENTS.