Laguna Square Floating Basket Kit

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Product Description

Laguna Floating Baskets make planting and maintenance easy. The buoyant Styrofoam float ensures the basket will stay at the surface protecting plant roots from fish. Made of finely-woven fabric, they provide excellent soil containment and provide additional shade and protection for fish.

 Not only do aquatic plants enhance the beauty of your pond, they also help create a habitat for wildlife. Aquatic plants are important for providing shade and using up nutrients in the water which would otherwise lead to a build-up of green algae. They keep the water clean and well oxygenated, providing shelter for fish and other wildlife in your pond.

Laguna Square Floating Plant Basket Kit contains 2 floating plant baskets, sized 10 in x 10 in and 13.75 in x 13.75 in.

1 x Square Laguna Floating Plant Basket, 10 in
1 x Square Laguna Floating Plant Basket, 13.75 in