Magnaturals Mushroom Ledge Large

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Product Description

Adding climbing surfaces to your pet reptile's home is beneficial to their health and happiness. It enables you to maximize the space in your terrarium, and offers your pets the ability to explore and enjoy regular physical activity. Designed to replicate a real tropical mushroom, the MagNaturals Large Mushroom Ledge makes a perfect addition to any reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate habitat.

The MagNaturals Large Mushroom Ledge attaches to any terrarium wall with powerful built-in magnets, and is capable of supporting pets up to 2 pounds. The magnetic force is guaranteed for life, enabling you to position and reposition the ledge just about anywhere in your enclosure with ease. This versatile accessory is cleaned easily and is completely safe for use with all pets! It does not contain any glue or velcro, and is 100% non-toxic. 13" x 7"