Fluval Hang On Breeding Box Large

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Product Description

Designed for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish or shrimp, the Marina Hang On Breeding Box is a safe & secure nursery for livebearer fish that hangs on the outside of the aquarium to make viewing and maintenance easy.
Warm, oxygenated water from main aquarium circulates continuously through the breeding box with the use of an air pump (sold separately), so that fish enjoy the same conditions as the aquarium. Additional heaters or filters not required.
Key Features :

Safe & secure tank for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish or shrimp
Space-saving design, easily installs on the exterior of the aquarium
Up to 3 separate compartments for breeding, isolating or acclimatizing fish, using partition plates (included)
For frameless aquariums use with min. 5 mm glass thickness
An air pump (1L/ per minute) and airline tubing are required.(Not included)
Measures 26 cm (10 1/4") wide and holds 2.0 Liters (0.5 US gal.) of water.