Marineland Emperor Pro 450 Power Filter

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Product Description

Three years of consumer research helped us engineer two of our most advanced filters, continuing one amazing legacy.

Its improved impeller and motor assembly deliver best-in-class flow rates, while the upgraded spray bar design prevents clogging. The dual filter chamber features our exclusive BIO-Wheel® technology, 10% more biological surface area to ensure constant spinning. The submerged, self-priming motor and motor dampener make it one of the quietest filters available, producing less than 40 decibels of sound (about the same level as a quiet room).

Smartly redesigned, we built the Penguin® PRO and Emperor® PRO Power Filters for those who love to build. That’s why, before adding any improvements to enhance customization, we unpacked three years of consumer feedback to understand what users wanted (and didn’t want) in a filter. The result is a new line of hang-on-back filters that let seasoned aquarium keepers add their personal touch to advanced filtration.

Rated for tanks up to 90 gallons. Filters 450 GPH