Microbe Lift Pond Aqua Xtreme

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Product Description

The Microbe-Lift Aqua XTreme is a single-phase, buffered liquid water conditioner for koi or goldfish ponds, which removes and detoxifies chlorine and ammonia wile destroying chloramines. Nitrite, copper and heavy metals are also detoxified while the pond waters alkalinity boosts. This full-function conditioner adds essential electrolytes, a 3 part slime coat replacer and helps to reduce stress levels. When transporting kois or goldfish and adding water, plants or new fish to your pond, it is significant to use Aqua XTreme as it even immediately ages your pond water. It is also ideal to use when adding water to a pond containing chloramines.

Avoid using with a permanganate-based or chlorite-based treatment, including potassium, hydrochloric acid and more for approximately 48 hours in between use.