Oase StreamMax Classic 5000

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Product Description

  • Customizable water patterns – Create wide or narrow flow patterns to replicate different water movements in freshwater and saltwater setups
  • Easily adjustable – The water flow rate can be easily adjusted to the individual needs of various aquarium inhabitants
  • Energy efficient – Low power consumption with adjustable pump output. Automatic startup after power outage
  • Secure placement – Mount this compact pump anywhere in your aquarium with strong and secure suction
  • Adjustable positioning  Easily direct the water flow by adjusting the pump’s angle up to 90°
  • Quiet operation  The pump runs quietly and requires very little maintenance
  • 950 gallons per hour min flow rate
  • 1320 gallons per hour max flow rate
  • Submersed installation
  • Made in Italy, backed by German engineering
  • Fresh and marine water compatible
imensions 4.7 x 2.7 x 3.1 in.
Rate Voltage 120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 6.5 Watts
Power Cord Length 6.5 ft.
Net Weight 0.9 lbs.
Max. Flow Rate 1320 GPH