Prevue Pet Naturals Crown Bird Toy

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Product Description

Naturals Crown 62557 from Prevue Pet Products is a multi-sensory activity toy, designed to entertain and engage birds on all levels. Sound and Movement toys emphasize aural and visual stimulation. Materials can include reflective, free-moving noise-creating elements, which provide and essential aspect of play and engagement. The toy dances, swings and makes a soft tinkling noise when the bell rings. Hand-made in Malaysia, this pet-safe toy is made using a quick-link, grass, sisal rope, wooden beads, popsicle sticks, bird-safe bell and java wood. Measures approximately 8" high by 4” long and 1 1/2” wide. Toy can vary slightly in shape and size. As always supervise your pet at play. Inspect toy regularly and replace when used or worn.

  • The unique shape of this item swings and sways as birds play with it
  • Hardwood chips, beads and popsicle sticks create a different texture and sound than the natural grass ring
  • The bird-safe bell makes a gentle tinkling noise