Prevue Pet Naturals Rope Bird Ladder

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Product Description

Prevue Pet Products Naturals Rope Ladder (#62806) offers the capacity for rugged physical play and mental stimulation, and the irregular shapes of the branches encourage healthy foot exercise. The ladder is handmade and contains 13 natural wood rungs, varing in length between 11" – 13" lengths, depending on the thickness of the wood. The overall length [including rope and quick links] can vary between 17" – 20". Materials include sustainably-harvested Hevea wood branches and natural jute rope. Toy connects easily to cage wire with quick-link attachments. As always, supervise birds at play. Ideal for Small to Medium-sized birds.  NOTE: Because this is a handmade toy constructed from all natural materials, actual measurements may vary.

  • Toys are handmade and created from 100% natural, eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested materials
  • Naturals toys offer birds a rugged, rich, textured landscape, free of artificial materials and coloring
  • As birds engage in healthy physical play, their beaks and claws will benefit from the natural, variable-diameter surfaces