Prevue Pet Playfuls Banana Stack Bird Toy

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Product Description

Playfuls Banana Stack from Prevue Pet Products is a multi-sensory activity toy, designed to entertain and engage birds on all levels. Preen & Pacify toys function as stress-reducers and help keep birds active and content. Engaging with a variety of materials and textures is a calming, satisfying and healthy activity. As birds pluck the folded pieces on this toy, their preening instincts are satisfied and your bird becomes calm. Designed for small to medium sized birds, this durable toy that will engage them for hours. This pet-safe toy is made using a quick-link, sisal rope, wood blocks, and banana leaves. Toys are hand-made in Indonesia and can vary slightly in shape and size. Measures approximately 8" high by 4” long and 3” wide. Toy can vary slightly in shape and size. Supervise your pet at play. Inspect toy regularly and replace when used or worn.

  • Birds love to pull these toys apart and unravel the woven leaves
  • Satisfies birds' shredding plucking and preening urges
  • Birds will remain stimulated by climbing, grabbing and chewing
  • Great for foot and beak exercise