Prevue Pet Playfuls Sink N Seek Bird Toy

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Product Description

Playfuls Sink 'n Seek 60250 Bird Toy from Prevue Pet Products is a multi-sensory activity toy designed to provide entertainment and engagement for birds of medium to larger sizes. This toy is focused on offering a variety of sensory experiences for birds. The Forage and Engage aspect of the toy taps into the instinctual behaviors of birds, such as searching, rooting, uncovering, extracting, and collecting. By incorporating these behaviors into play, the toy can stimulate their problem-solving nature and provide mental stimulation. This toy engages your bird fully - the chains can be pulled through the plastic pipe, and the cups can be filled with treats or nesting materials.  You have the option to replenish the toy to enhance their sensory experience. The toy measures approximately 6" long, 6" wide by 13 1/4" high. Since toys are handmade, there might be a slight variations in shape and size. As always, it's important to supervise your bird while they're interacting with the toy. Regularly inspect the toy for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it when it's used or worn out to ensure your bird's safety and continued engagement.

  • A variety of materials including bird-safe metal chain and plastic shapes keep birds engaged and stimulated 
  • Add treats to the plastic cups and let your bird problem solve to reach the reward
  • Chains are strung through the plastic pipe - when birds pull down on one side the other will be pulled up, providing mental stimulation
  • All parts of toy will dance and swing from the tugging, chewing, biting and foraging interactions
  • An excellent toy for mental simulation and developing problem solving skills