Prevue Pet Playfuls Sunburst Bird Toy

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Product Description

Playfuls Sunburst 60243 Bird Toy from Prevue Pet Products appears to be a multi-sensory activity toy aimed at entertaining and engaging small to medium-sized birds. This toy focuses on providing stress-reducing and calming activities for birds, and is a Preen and Pacify toy. The goal of this toy is to offer birds a way to alleviate stress and promote comfort and contentment. The engagement with a variety of materials and textures mimics the act of preening, which is a natural behavior for birds. Such activities can be soothing and calming for them, especially during times of stress. This toy has an added bonus which is a reflective component that will attract their attention and they can see themselves. The toy measures approximately 6" long, 1" wide and 11" high. Toys are handmade and can slightly vary in shape and size. As a responsible pet owner, it's essential to supervise your bird while they're interacting with the toy. Regularly inspect the toy for signs of wear or damage, and replace it when it's used or worn out to ensure your bird's safety and continued engagement. This toy's focus on promoting calmness and contentment can be particularly beneficial for your bird's overall well-being.

  • Engaging two-sided toy loaded with materials and textures for preening, biting, chewing and other quiet, calming activities
  • Small two-sided mirror for playful interaction
  • Rugged rope for preening, biting, chewing and other quiet, calming activities
  • Raffia fibers satisfy plucking, preening and nest-building instinct
  • An ideal toy for small and medium size birds
  • This toy can promote calmness and contentment which is beneficial for your bird's overall well-being