Rowaphos Phosphate Removal Media

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Product Description

Rowa's ROWAphos is a world-renowned ferric hydroxide material created for the purpose of removing harmful phosphates, arsenic, and silicates from freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Phosphates are naturally occurring inorganic salts found in all aquariums, usually introduced to ecosystems by decomposition of leftover food, fish waste, plant death, or impure aquarium chemicals. Phosphate removal is especially crucial in reef aquariums, as algae feed on these phosphates and can easily take over your beautiful corals.

ROWAphos is a professional-grade phosphate removal media originally designed to treat water supplies. It is composed of a man-made, patented formula distinct from and far more efficient than other phosphate removal products. ROWAphos boasts peerless phosphate binding power, with smaller amounts of media removing more phosphates then larger amounts of the competition. Easy and safe to set up and use, ROWAphos does not release phosphate, aluminum or other absorbed substances back into your water when being reloaded. Coral growth and fish quality of life improve with use, while algae growth is stifled.