Safe N Soft Reptile Mat

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Product Description

Safe –n- Soft  natural bark reptile mats are soft to delicate skin and safe for soft bellies. There are no loose pieces or plastic fibers to ingest. Safe –n- Soft mats are perfect for young reptiles and safe for feeding. Mats are made from a sustainable, natural, cork bark that is biodegradable and recyclable with no dyes or paints. Mats are washable and easily spot cleaned.

Sustainability of cork - No tree is cut down to harvest cork. This unique material comes from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It is removed every 9-12 years after which the tree continues to grow new layers. Cork forests are some of the most sustainably harvested forests of the world.

Safe-n-Soft mats are available in two sizes:

10 gallon (9.75 in x 19.5 in)- Product # 00731; UPC 008479007315
20L and 29 gallon (11.75 in x 29.5 in) – Product # 00732; UPC 008479007322